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Brianna Draws For Her Friend AmazingHolly – Kids Arts and Crafts

Brianna’s friend AmazingHolly showed us how she can draw with magic paint so Brianna wanted to try it out. We found a white crayon and some water color paint and some white paper and made a video reply for Holly. You can find AmazingHolly on her own channel at: Free Music by: Kevin MacLeod Music Title: External Hope Kevin MacLeod’s music can be found at: Would you like to become an actor / actress and get paid for acting, modeling or singing? Check our auditions website if you want more information on how to audition to be on TV. © by All4tubekids. All rights reserved Thanks for watching.

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    24 Responses to “Brianna Draws For Her Friend AmazingHolly – Kids Arts and Crafts”

    1. I like the change. Getting tire of the scorefitter music that is created with the editing program.

      Maybe partners but we will see how it? goes with 7AK first.

    2. Another fine video Brianna. This one is so natural.?

    3. I see you with your dad and know your dad loves you very much as my dad. Glade we are friends and hope? are for long time. always and always Karia

    4. who is? amazing holly?

    5. We tried to do? that.But it did’t work !

    6. U mean the magic paint ..? I noe another? recipe …. U can use wax(from candles) instead of white crayon , use it from candles ..! And u need paint …

    7. shes our friend from? england you can see her on amazingholly

    8. i bet he molests them?

    9. use? whit wasco and ecoline

    10. try food colouring and? water

    11. brianna? is prettier then brittany

    12. how? did you eit ur videos.?

    13. england? ftw.

    14. awwww this video is very nice and brianna is? soo cute god bless as singingbabe26 said

    15. wow,i had that work in art.?

    16. shes so cute? like a little puppy

    17. hidden language…..amazing…..holy mary (positive spirit) the cat = the positive watcher over mankind and the tree of? life….

    18. wow what a cute video?

    19. It’s The Best Picture I Seen Ever

      Good Draw Brianna Ofcourse AnotherHolly Will Love? It

      And Real Magic & Beaiful

    20. thats? nice:)

    21. i know right!?

    22. i dont like? it

    23. OMG! You just so cute!<3?

    24. @Twiggy89luv Thank you!?

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