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{202} Crafts for kids! Ribbon headbands for little girls DIY Thursday #31

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    25 Responses to “{202} Crafts for kids! Ribbon headbands for little girls DIY Thursday #31”

    1. heeeeyyyy ms. berri! i’mma be sending over many positives vibes & energies your hubby’s way to get you that machine! it’s? a necessity! 🙂 *hugs*

    2. let me know? how it turns out!

    3. ooohh! sounds like FUN! let me know how they turn out,? sis!

    4. YES! the gum wrapper? chain! i remember that! wow. *hugs*

    5. awwwww….i love mommy daughter time! y’all have? fun! *hugs*

    6. COOOOL. You are easily one of MY fav youtubers. I was kind of like: “Oh, she’ll probably won’t do that.. or “She’ll probably say no.” Not too many people would be up for the idea or challenge. Kudos to you. I’ll look around, I thought a little in my mind like wow she prob all ready did something like this before. And imagined millions of hand made crafts in your daughters room. LOL. I’m sure they’ll probably love this. Oh also if you do? it with them. Being on 17, I can still think like a –

    7. little girl. I? would appreciate down the road that my mom made fun cool quality time to sit down and make little cool hand made things with me, cook (which my mom and I do) knit (that also, she actually tried to teach me, didn’t quite workout) LOL and etc. I get the feeling that your really attentive. Super mom, your like a “mom in my head” lol can’t wait to see what you do with this idea.

    8. I’ll look around on the internet, if I caught something I’ll try to get in contect with you.Keep me posted, please!!! 🙂 P.S sorry? for all the post I’m still trying to figure out how to say all I want in one post. Promise I don’t talk this much in person. LOL.

    9. This is AWESOME!? This could be used to make bracelets too.

    10. right because you can buy a ton of headbands from the dollar stores and i have a bunch of ribbon that was given to me…hmmm i think i just might do the same..we shall see? 🙂

    11. Pretty?

    12. Just watched this with my 6-year old, so? you know what that means! Thanks for sharing this one. Blessings…

    13. Cool idea. We used to so the same thing in summer camp where it was called “lacing”. We made cool key chains and belts. Michael’s Craft store has spools of ribbon on sale for $1.00 right now. I am so going to do this with my nieces. Maybe? they won’t steal my headbands anymore 😉

    14. love? it!

    15. This is such a cool idea. After watching your video, I got a spool of ribbons (I have? a ton that I use for my kids) and started trying to making this, 20 mins later.. still trying the figure it out. I am determined… LOL… I will post my pics once I figure it out… –

    16. LOVE IT!!?

    17. Can’t wait for the? girls to help me with this…;-)

    18. SUMMMMERRR! *bighug* y’all are gonna have fun! let me know how it turns out? 🙂 take care sis!

    19. thank you so much for sharing your photos on my FB? page! you clearly more than figured it out! your version turned out beautiful!

    20. Awesome. I? wanted to make my own headbands!

    21. OMG, i missed this and i dont know how!! Youth Day here? I come!! Beautiful job as always!

    22. have? fun sis!

    23. Craft?

    24. Craft?

    25. Do u always have to use elastic? could u? use somthing else?

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