Arts & Crafts For Kids

I recently started making duct tape crafts like wallets and purses.?

Where is a good place to buy duct tape in bulk for a good prices and good colors? Sites You May Find Helpful

where can i find some easlier animals that i can make from using ?

asian papers . that you can use those colors papers and make crafts with it. i dont know what they called. Sites You May Find Helpful

i am really bored and have nothing to do. i am 12 and LOVE crafts.?

i have nothing to do and is so bored. do you have any cool ideas for crafts with paper and colors? or any other ideas? preferably crafts though Sites You May Find Helpful

What other toddler friendly crafts can I do with my 3 yr old son?

I have done many crafts with my 3 yr old son, but I find myself running out of fun toddler friendly craft ideas. We’ve done many sponge painting, tp roll characters, crafts with shapes, colors & his hand print. I have felt, sponge squares, popsicle sticks, google eyes, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, beads, paints, construction paper, […]

Arts & Crafts ideas for 2 year olds?

I’m looking for fun and easy projects to do with my preschool class. This is my first year at this, and although I’ve read books, I’m looking for fresh/new ideas. Anything that will help them learn shapes, colors, abc’s, numbers, or just for fun, will be very much appreciated. Also, I’m looking for some good […]

What do you think of my preschool plan?

Already posted this yesterday and got great feedback but I’m reposting it today to get more suggestions. I’m in the middle of opening an in home preschool with my mother and I just thought I’d tell you all our plan and hopefully get some feed back on what you all as parents think of it. […]

Preschool/home teaching for 3 year old?

I am a stay-at-home mom with my 3-year-old son and 2-month-old daughter. I do some stuff with trying to teach him through play, but I feel maybe I could do more. I’ve been going back and forth on putting him in preschool. I saw a great one today that’s only Tue. and Thur. from 9-11, […]

Where can I buy colored sand in Arizona?

I want to do the "sand ceremony" with my fiance and son at our wedding Dec. 2 — is there anywhere in Arizona, East Valley area, that sells colored sand for this, like in white/black/other colors? I’d like to get a vase for pouring it into and displaying it — could I find this stuff […]

is my 2.5yrs old daughter alright?

she speaks, 3 -5 word sentences in english. she only talks if she wants to, she tells her abc’s fully, 123 till 10 clearly sometimes till 20, 10 – 15 rhymes (some clearly and some with 1 or 2 missing words). she only tells them if she wants to, if somebody asks her to tell […]

Embroidery Thread Bracelets (colored craft thread)?

ive make the kind of thread bracelet that you wrap around like the thread hair wrap thing, ive made the one that looks like this: >>>>>. i have made the mexican friendship bracelet, that you tie knots around each string to make a slanted pattern, and ive made the kind that you tie knots on […]